The white and red gingers of Micronesia are lovely flowers with vibrant colors that make spectacular leis. The scientific name of this plant is the Zingiber officinale , and the Hawaiian name is Awapuhi. This flower is a long, narrow one, and it has a strong scent that is often used in perfumes. It comes in white, yellow and red and is not tinted other colors. With refrigeration, a ginger lei can last about two days after it has been delivered.

A white ginger flower lei symbolizes love and affection, while a red one symbolizes passion, tolerance and wealth. Originally found in India, the ginger plant was brought to the islands by the early Polynesians. It is now found both wild in Hawaii and cultivated to make this colorful Hawaiian lei. The flowers are sewn or braided together to create both single and double-strand leis. Ginger is sometimes combined with ti leaves to create a varied look. The wearer of a ginger lei is usually female, though either gender can wear them. They are perfect for birthdays, graduations and to celebrate promotions. Choose a fresh ginger lei from below to make your occasion more fun.

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