He'e Berry

The he’e berry grows in Hawaii on long branches that look like tentacles, hence the nickname the “octopus tree berry.” These red berries have long been used in Hawaiian leis, and they are often made into Christmas leis. The scientific name is Sida fallax, and he’e is the Hawaiian name. These berries are round and bright red, and they have no scent. They are not dyed because they already possess a bright and distinct color. Once your he’e berry Hawaiian lei arrives, it will be durable enough to last four days when refrigerated.

Sometimes called the Christmas berry, the he’e berry is often used in Christmas decorations and are perfect for use in a holiday lei. It grows in the rainforests of Hawaii and has been cultivated for its decorative uses, though it is considered an invasive plant on the islands. These berries are often woven into a single–strand lei, and they are often paired with ti leaves and tuberoses. These leis are fun to wear for Christmas and can be given to anyone around the holidays or when you want to treat someone to the gift of its delightful color. Browse the he’e berry leis below and give someone a beautiful lei full of brilliant natural color.

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