O'hai Ali'i

The ohai ali’i is a spectacular flower whose name means “royal ohai.” The scientific name of this flower is Ceasalpinia pulcherrima, and ohai ali’i is the Hawaiian name. The flower is unscented, making this lei a thoughtful way to adorn someone who has fragrance allergies. The exotic shape of this flower is one of the reasons it has become a favorite lei flower. The serrated shape of the petals is accented by the long tendrils that give it a feathery look. The flowers come naturally in reds, yellows and pinks and are not tinted. The ohai ali’i flower is delicate, but it will last as long as five days with refrigeration.

This flower symbolizes honor and prestige and is often given to honor someone for an accomplishment. It is also a favorite lei to wear when dancing the hula. The flower may have a Hawaiian name, but it isn’t native to Hawaii. It is believed to have originated in the West Indies before being imported to the Hawaiian islands. The kui weave method of piercing is often used to create ohai ali’i leis. These flowers are generally used on their own to create leis, but some leis use Hawaiian greenery interspersed with ohai ali’i blossoms. These leis are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and to offer congratulations. They can be given to anyone for any occasion, and both men and women love this intricate, delicate flower. Browse the ohai ali’i leis below to find leis made from this elegant, unusual flower with the feathery texture.

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