Ti Leaf

The ti leaf may not be a flower, but it is a beautiful green leaf that is used in many leis for a traditional look. The scientific name of the ti leaf is the Cordyline terminalis, and the Hawaiian name is the lau-ki or kī. Ti leaves are unscented and are a medium-green color that looks great on its own or when paired with flowers. It is prized for its rich green color and is not tinted other colors. This is a durable leaf that when kept cool will stay fresh for four days after your ti leaf lei has been delivered. The leaves can also be dried to make them last even longer.

The ti leaf symbolizes protection, positive blessings and the Creator. This leaf has played a big part in Hawaiian culture, and was once worn by royalty to symbolize their status. It was also used for medicinal purposes to keep medicines in place and relieve fevers. The Hilo (twisted) weave is often used to create a Hawaiian ti leaf lei. The leaves can be woven with orchids, kukui nuts and ginger flowers. These sturdy leaves are often given to men and children and are perfect for weddings, graduations, funerals and anniversaries. When shipping to Hawaii, we can substitute with mock orange leaves. Browse the ti leaf leis below for a beautiful, traditional lei that is the perfect gift for important occasions.

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