If you’re looking for the perfect anniversary gift, an anniversary lei is a perfect way to bring tradition, respect and love to the gift you give. The lei is a traditional part of Hawaiian life, and now anyone, anywhere can participate in this tradition. When it’s your anniversary, giving your spouse a traditional Hawaiian lei is a fun way to celebrate, but it’s also a way to give a meaningful symbol of your love and respect for your partner.

You can choose to present yourself and your spouse with leis, or each of you can present the other with a lei. The lei represents many things in one beautiful package. The circular shape and woven design represent eternity and the binding of two lives. The flowers and/or leaves that you choose for your leis represent emotions and can also represent the masculine and feminine forces that have come together in your marriage. The ti leaf lei is often given to men on their anniversary while floral leis are often given to women. However, every couple can choose which type of lei they would like to give and to wear. With the beauty of the many flowers and plants that are available for anniversary leis, you and your partner can find the ones that are just right for your feelings and for your anniversary plans.

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