About the Flower Lei Shop

At Flower Leis, we are dedicated to making every customer’s experience a great one. We want to exceed your expectations by ensuring that your Hawaiian leis are fresh and your customer service experience is excellent. Our customers are happy with their fresh Hawaiian leis, and they return for more leis for other occasions. Leis for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, luaus and a wide range of ceremonies always add to the occasion. We are determined to become the best Hawaiian lei source online, and we will give you the best service possible and the freshest, most beautiful leis to reach that goal.

Getting Your Own Fresh, High-Quality Leis

We got started when Dave Paik, a local-born Hawaiian, did a favor for a friend. His friend’s company was selling leis, and in 2003, Paik helped him to do it. He learned a lot from that experience, and he later took over the business along with his daughter, Heather, and his son, Daniel. They soon found that customers from the mainland were discovering the beauty of leis and expanding the market for them. In addition, Hawaiians living on the mainland missed the beauty of home and sought out leis for many occasions. The Paiks wanted to fulfill these needs and sought to help those on the mainland to enjoy the fresh leis that Hawaiians had long enjoyed. Now, most of the customers seek out their leis online, and the Paiks are running one of the leading retailers of Hawaiian leis in Hawaii. Their mission has become to provide customers with the highest-quality, freshest leis that provide the best value and that come with the best customer service. When you purchase leis here, you can expect the best and to have a great experience from start to finish.