Dwarf Schefflera Spotted


The unique appearance of the Dwarf Schefflera Spotted plant is derived from the air roots it develops as it matures. Commonly called the Luseanne, this versatile plant is one of the longest living and low maintenance of the Hawaiian volcano plants. Bringing the concept of customizable to indoor house plants, it can be trained as a Bonsai, responding to trimming, tying or wiring as you shape it to the perfect table top decoration. A true reminder of the vibrant and fertile beauty of Hawaii’s volcanoes. Wonderful for the office or at home.

Volcano Plant Instructions

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Common Name: Dwarf Schefflera

Botanical Name: Schefflera Luseanne

Genus: Schefflera
Cultivar: Luseanne


Filtered Sun
Allow to dry between watering


Dwarf or compact form
Easy care
Good houseplant or interior decor

Volcano Plant Instructions

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