The orchid is one of the most sought after flowers in Hawaii for its many wonderful traits. This medium-sized flower has the scientific name Orchidaceae and the Hawaiian name  Ľokika or  Ľokika honohono (Dendrobium). Fresh orchids have no scent, so an orchid lei perfect for those who get irritation from fragrances. The elegant shape of the orchid looks beautiful with both the natural and tinted colors of these flowers. Naturally, Hawaiian orchids come in jade, purple and white. They can be dyed jade, pink, yellow, emerald, light blue, red and deep blue. Orchid blooms are prized for their high degree of durability.

Orchids symbolize love and affection and are often given as gifts to express those emotions to friends and family members. Orchids have a long history of being used medicinally as well as for decorative uses. Cultures from the ancient Greeks to the Aztecs cultivated the delicate-looking flowers for their medicinal uses. The dendrobium orchid was identified as a genus of orchids in 1799. The kui weave (piercing) as well as the haku method of braiding are used to make orchid leis. Orchid leis for sale may be orchids by themselves or may be intertwined with ti leaves or tuberose to create leis that are perfect for men and women. They are often used in weddings, graduations and for birthdays and anniversaries. Choose from the fresh orchid leis below for leis that are perfect for your occasion.

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