The tuberose is one of the favorite flowers for Hawaiian leis. The scientific name of this lovely flower is the Polianthes tuberosa, and the Hawaiian name is kupaloke. The Hawaiian tuberose is small and white and has a luminescence and fragrance that makes it a renowned blossom. The scent is a strong, sweet one that lasts a long time, and the fragrance has been shown to lower stress. The natural color of this tiny flower is white, and it can be tinted blue, pink, purple, green and yellow. A fresh tuberose lei is delicate. To ensure a fresh tuberose lei, overnight shipping to the West Coast is recommended. Shipping to the East Coast comes with the risk of wilting.

The tuberose lei symbolizes love, congratulations, friendship and making a commitment. The tuberose was originally found in Mexico and has since been brought to Hawaii and cultivated for its beautiful petals and strong scent. The tuberose lei is often created with the kui (piercing) and humu (basting) methods of lei making. This flower is often paired with Dendrobium orchids, pikake, ti leaf, ilima, carnation, Hilo maile and the he’e berry. It is commonly used in wedding leis for brides as well as for funeral and graduation leis. Browse the tuberose leis below to see the spectacular leis that are made with this beautiful and delicate flower.

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