Orchid Heads

Orchid heads are the most beautiful part of one of the most iconic island flowers. These flowers are perfect for accenting the head of a bride or any woman who wants a fun night out with a stunning flower in her hair. The many colors and sizes of orchids makes it easy to choose just the one that will look great in your hair and go perfectly with your occasion. From a sweet and subtle white orchid to a bright and dazzling blue one, the range of orchid colors makes this a highly versatile flower.

To make a bouquet of orchids, bunch together several orchid heads. You can also string them together to make your own lei. They can also be used on tabletops to dress up your tablescape and bring it an island flavor. There is no end to the decorating you can do with fresh orchid heads. Use an orchid head to dress up your hair, or give them to your host as a token of respect when you come for dinner.

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