Anthurium Small Talk Red


Blessed by a Hawaiian spiritual leader known as a Kahuna, the Anthurium Small Talk Red plant is bedded in hand selected volcanic cinder. Signifying joy and prosperity to its owner, this native Hawaiian volcanic plant is beautifully reminiscent of the Big Island. Glossy dark foliage, with vibrantly colored petals and a base of volcanic mineral discovered in the 1955 eruption of Kilauea. When properly taken care of, it will continue to flower and grow, retaining each flower for a long time. Excellent for in home or office.

Volcano Plant Instructions

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Common Name: Anthurium Small Talk Red

Botanical Name: Anthurium x Small Talk Red

Family: Aracea
Genus: Anthurium
Cultivar: Small Talk Red


Filtered Sun
Allow to dry between watering


Dwarf or compact form
Easy care
Good houseplant or interior decor

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Volcano Plant Instructions

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