Highly Fragrant

When you want a lei that will evoke a strong, long-lasting fragrance, there are many Hawaiian flowers that have powerful, lingering fragrances that are used to make leis. The tuberose is well known for its strong, sweet scent that wafts upward from the beautiful leis made from this white flower. The tuberose is often paired with other flowers or may be used on its own to create delicate, highly scented leis. The elegant pikake is another Hawaiian flower with a strong scent and a lovely white color. Plumerias have strong scents that can be sweet, fruity or citrusy. Choose a plumeria lei for a flower that will give you both bright color and a strong scent to enjoy as you wear it.

Highly fragrant flowers tend to be delicate and more perishable, overnight shipping is recommended for optimal freshness.

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