Songs about Leis

Many songs about leis have been sung over the years. The beauty and tradition behind the custom of the lei has been captured in song many times throughout the years. Here are many of the songs that celebrate the lei.

Hāli`ilua – Albert Nahale`ā
This song speaks of the beauty of the lei and the beauty of the natural landscape of Hawaii.

Hanohano No `O Hawai`i – Alice Ku`uleialohapoina`ole Nāmakelua
The beauty and majesty of Hawaii’s Mauna Kea is chronicled in this short song that speaks of the maile lei.

Hawaiian Cowboy – Sol K. Bright
This song speaks of the beauty and majesty of horses as well as the beauty of the lei.

Hanohano Hawai`i – Traditional
This simple song tells of the various islands and the lei that each is known for.

He Lei No Kamaile – Keali`i Reichel & Puakea Nogelemeier
This song is about love and beauty and the symbolism of the lei.

Hawai`i Hula – Mary Robins, & Johnny Noble
This lovely song mentions several places in the Hawaiian islands and fragrant smell of the flowers.

Hilo Ē – Mary Heanu
This song mentions the custom of making leis for visitors and the lovely flowers that they are made from.

Heha Waipi`o – by Sam Li`a Kalainaina, Sr.
This ballad tells the story of visitors coming, a beautiful home and the lei that welcomes friends.

Hi`ilawe – Sam Li`a Kalainaina, Sr
This love song speaks of romantic love as well as the love for family members. The lei represents both in this sweet tale.

Hilo Hula – Traditional
The rain, the beautiful leis and the waters of Hawaii are all the focus of this song.

Hilo, My Home Town – Betty Lou Yuen
This song about the town of Hilo speaks of its smiling people and the lei they wear.

Ho`okahi No Pua Lawa Ku`u Lei – Charles E. King
The lovely flower used in a lei is the focus of this simple song of natural beauty.

`I`iwi A`o Hilo – Alice Ku`uleialohapoina`ole Namakelua
The lehua flower and the birds singing are mentioned in this song that speaks of the beauty of a warm Hawaiian evening.

Hualālai – Dennis Kamakahi
Love and leis are both chronicled in this song that speaks of the Hawaiian mountains and sea.

Ka Lei E – Traditional
This fun lei song speaks of various leis made from different types of flowers.

Ka Moa`e – by Solomon Hiram
This love song talks of leis, love and the sweet scent of native flowers.

Ka Waimea Swing – Thelma Sproat Bugbee & Irmgard `Aluli
This song of dancing describes the joy of dancing as well as the leis worn by the dancers.

Kaualūlehuao`aikū – Hailama Farden & Irmgard `Āluli
This short, fun song is about giving a lei to a beloved family member.

Ku`u Lei Lehua – Charles E. King
This sweet love song compares a romantic lover to a lei and mentions the maile lei.

Ku`u Pua Lehua – Elizabeth Peters Tuttle & Peter Kalani
The use of maile and flowers is chronicled in this song of creating a lei.

Lei Aloha, Lei Makamae – Charles E. King
This wedding song compares the person the singer is marrying to a beautiful lei.

Lei E, Wear A Lei – Words & music by K. Holi
This simple song is a celebration of wearing various types of leis.

Lei Ka Lehua – Traditional
Lehua, roses and other flowers are sung about in this song that celebrates the various islands and the different types of leis that are worn on each.

Lei Hula (I Went To Hilo) – Sam Alama
This song of being presented with a lei is a fun representation of the friendship that can be symbolized by the giving of a lei.

Lei O Hā`ena – Helen Desha Beamer
This song speaks of native flowers, their fragrant smells and the leis that can be made from them.

Lei Lehua O Pana`ewa – Charles E. King
This song speaks of the lei representing the beauty of a companion and the beauty of the natural world around her.

Na Lei O Hawaii – Song of The Islands – Charles E. King
The various Hawaiian islands are referenced in this song along with the leis they wear and the natural beauty that each island is known for.

Lei `Ohu – George E. Akiu
The many decorative leis and their fragrances and colors are chronicled in this lovely song.

Na Lei O Hawaii – Na Moku Ewalu
The islands of Hawaii and the many materials that each has to contribute to the lei is the focus of this song that is a fascinating look at the many items used to make leis.

Nā Moku `Ehā (The Four Islands) – J. Kealoha & Noelani Mähoe
Four islands are described in this interesting song that speaks of the various leis that have come from each region mentioned.

Poliahu – by Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett
Legends and religious figures are mentioned in this interesting song that speaks of love and sadness as well as the lei.

Na Moku O Hawai`i (Lelekowali) – Charles E. King
Different areas of Hawaii and the favored leis of each area are mentioned in this short song.

Sweet Lei Lehua – King David Kalākaua
This short and sweet love song speaks of a woman who is represented by a wreath of flowers.

Waimea Ku`u One Hanau – Alice Nāmakelua
The mountains, the cowboys and the lei of Waimea are all mentioned in this fun Hawaiian song.

Nani Waimea – Sam Koki
This short song is about the flowers, leis and beauty of Waimea.

Waika – John Spencer
The plants of Waika and the powerful band of runners who ran there are chronicled in this ballad.

Pua Ke Aloha – Traditional
Leis, the flowers in them and the love that they represent are all celebrated in this short song.