What is a Lei & Hawaiian Symbolism

Giving a lei is a great way to show friendship, love or to celebrate or honor someone. It’s also a useful gift for greeting someone warmly. It symbolizes the spirit behind the aloha and the way this greeting draws you in and makes you welcome. When you walk around any island of Hawaii, you see just how many leis are used by those who live there. Leis are common at graduations and for celebrations and parties. School dances and weddings are the perfect times for leis, and leis are even in use in the office to honor someone and celebrate achievements.

In the tropical paradise of Hawaii, the colors of the flowers and the intoxicating scent of the petals have made giving leis a beloved tradition that has endured. For Hawaiians, any occasion is one that can be made more special by the giving of a lei.  Hawaiian Leis are irresistible, and they have become a cherished symbol of the islands and their people. According to legend, a visitor leaving the islands who tosses their lei into the water and has it float on the current to the shore will someday come back to Hawaii. To experience the beloved custom, as well as the colors and scents of the lei, you can discover the spirit of aloha through our fresh, expertly made Hawaiian leis.