Anniversary Leis & Flowers

Because so many people choose to get married on the beautiful islands of Hawaii, many Hawaiian traditions have been sought after for those who celebrate weddings and anniversaries elsewhere. One of the most beloved traditions from this tropical paradise that you can incorporate into your anniversary celebrations, no matter where you are, is the giving of leis.

For an anniversary, the gift that you give should be a token of your love as well as a symbol of how you feel about the person you married. The gift of a lei is perfect for an anniversary gift because of its shape, its traditions and its fragrant scent that makes the evening that much sweeter.

The Symbol of the Lei

Most leis, other than the open type given in some circumstances, are circular in shape. This circle shape of the lei symbolizes eternity, just as the round shape of the wedding ring symbolizes it. The woven nature of the lei, with its flowers, leaves and/or stems all woven together to create a cohesive look, symbolizes a coming together of both parties in the marriage. Just as the lei has been woven together from different pieces to create one beautiful and cohesive item, the married couple has woven their lives together to create one life that is lived together.

When leis are given for an anniversary, it is acceptable for the leis to both be given by one person, or the couple can each give a lei to each other. The Leis can be matching ones that show the similarities of both members of the couple, or the leis can be different to show the feminine and the masculine aspects of the couple.

Flowers and Leaves For Anniversary Leis

Flowers for anniversary leis vary with the needs and wishes of the couple. However, many people choose to use traditional flowers that the Hawaiians have long associated with certain emotions. Carnations are often associated with love, and many choose to give each other carnation leis for their anniversaries for this reason. These flowers are often used in their red, white or pink colors for anniversary leis. Another flower that is often used in anniversary leis is the ginger flower. Both yellow and white ginger flowers have a romantic look and a sweet smell, and leis made from both are perfect for giving as an anniversary gift. These flowers symbolize both longevity and good luck, both things that couples often wish to each other on their anniversaries.

For some couples, a fragrant, floral lei is given to the wife on their anniversary and a masculine lei made from greenery is given to the husband. A green lei made from ti leaves is the perfect anniversary gift for a man. This type of lei has a long masculine tradition, and it symbolizes respect and admiration. The leaves are large and full and create a lush look for any man’s lei. With so many types of lei available, every couple can choose just the type they want to provide the look, scent and feel they are looking for in an anniversary lei.

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