Blessings & Ceremonial Leis

There are a wide variety of ceremonies and blessings that are traditional for the Hawaiian people. There are other ceremonies and blessings that are common outside of the islands. All of these occasions are lovely times to celebrate with a Hawaiian ceremonial lei.

Hawaiian Blessings and Ceremonies

A traditional Hawaiian priest, a kahuna, has a number of important ceremonies that he presides over. He also offers blessings on a number of occasions. All of these are important to the Hawaiian people, and all are spiritual occasions that have long-standing customs behind them. Some of the blessings that are traditional to Hawaiians are the home blessings, business blessings, ground-breaking blessing and baby blessings. All four of these blessing types are about bringing a positive spiritual blessing to something, or someone, new and important. For many of these blessings, wearing or presenting a lei is a part of the process.

Blessings often include chanting, prayers said for the person or place being blessed and the presentation of a lei. Some people also choose to give a lei as a gift to the kahuna to show their appreciation for the blessings they received.

Blessings may be given for a couple on a honeymoon, to welcome someone to the islands or for a person who wants to achieve a deeper state of spirituality. Blessings are often sought out to make an occasion a peaceful and important one, and a beautiful lei can add to that peace and serenity. The lei is often given as a symbol of respect and love, and it is the perfect way to add another layer of symbolism when a blessing is being given.

Ceremonies to Celebrate

Hawaiians have many ceremonies to celebrate the people and events in their lives. Everything from engagement ceremonies to a memorial to remember a loved one is practiced in Hawaii in the traditional manner. Ho’oponopono is a ceremony that rights a wrong for parties who have been involved in an argument. It is a forgiveness ceremony that is a centuries-old tradition on the islands. For all of these ceremonies and more, the lei can make the event feel more traditional and more enjoyable for everyone.

Like the traditional Hawaiian ceremonies, there are many ceremonies that have their roots in places around the world and that are important to those who celebrate them. A bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, a baby’s christening and an engagement are all fun times to give a Hawaiian lei as a gift. These ceremonies are all times when friends and family are important, and one way to show love and respect to your loved ones is with the gift of a Hawaiian lei. It is a way to add fun to the day as well as to show everyone there just how much you care.

Ceremonies are an important part of the fabric of life everywhere, no matter how far from Hawaii you may be. By integrating a traditional part of Hawaiian culture into your ceremony, you bring the long-standing idea of the spirit of aloha into it.

  • night-blooming double tuberose lei

    Double Tuberose

  • Flora

  • tightly woven purple orchid lei

    Hana (hah-nah) Purple

  • Hilo Maile with Tuberose

  • maile with white orchid

    Hilo Maile with White Orchid

  • kukui nuts, seashells and deep green mock orange leaves

    Kukui (koo-koo-wee) Ficus/Ti Leaf

  • combination of jade, lavender and white orchids lei

    Mixed Orchid Lei – Jade, Lavender, White