A birthday is always a fun time to spend with friends and family members. When you add the fun and fragrance of a fresh lei to the party, it adds a special touch to the festivities. The party is not complete without a lei that shows the birthday girl or boy how special they are. From the masculine maile lei to the fragrant lei of carnations, there are many different types of lei that are suitable for a birthday celebration. Any type can be used to brighten a birthday and to make the recipient feel more special.

Some who throw a birthday party want a lei available for everyone who attends. This is a fun way to include everyone in the birthday celebration and to create cohesion within the group. It’s a great way to bring everyone together and give them all something special to take home with them. A baby’s first birthday is a great time to give the gift of a lei, but every birthday is a special time you can celebrate with a birthday lei. Whether it’s a milestone birthday or simply a day that you want to brighten with a fresh lei, a lei always makes a wonderful gift for a birthday.

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