Ceremonies & Blessings

Ceremonies and blessings from the Hawaiian islands and around the world are important to the cultures they come from. All of them have successfully integrated the lei into the festivities to create another layer of meaning and to add fun and beauty to them. The lei is an easy gift to buy, and it will be full of meaning for whomever you give it to. Giving the gift of a lei when you have a blessing done is a beautiful way to show just how much you appreciate that blessing. The lei is also often integrated into the blessing itself as a part of the process. The kahuna, or traditional Hawaiian priest, may present a lei as he gives his blessing.

The many ceremonies that take place around the world are all full of meaning and tradition. From a housewarming to a baby’s christening, they are special for everyone who attends them. Giving a lei on these occasions is a lovely way to show your appreciation and your affection during those times. Fresh flowers or greenery that has been artistically woven into a lovely, traditional lei is always a welcome gift during those important times in the lives of your loved ones.

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