A funeral or memorial service is a special time for the friends and family of the deceased. It’s a time to show their love and respect for the person they lost as well as their support to each other. For Hawaiians, this is also the time to choose a funeral lei that will be a token of that love and support. A lei for a funeral can be used to wear to the service, to give to friends and family of the deceased or it can be used as a decoration to honor the memory of the deceased.

At many Hawaiian funerals, a funeral lei is used to put around an urn or to decorate a table of photos of the deceased. Leis are also worn by those who want to show their affection for the person they lost. A maile or ti-leaf lei is a common lei to wear at funerals. For many, a floral lei is the favorite choice. Because the lei embraces the spirit of aloha, any lei that is chosen is a lovely way to say goodbye and to show respect to the person who has departed. You can show respect, condolences and simply say goodbye with a beautiful funeral lei.

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