Giving the gift of a lei at graduation has long been a tradition in Hawaii. Now, graduates anywhere can be a part of this beloved tradition. The gift of a graduation lei conveys love, respect, pride and more to the graduate. It is a wish for good luck as well as a way of commemorating a special event- and a special person. The lei is a beautiful representation of the spirit of aloha that welcomes people and shows them love. For graduation, it lets the graduate know how much support they have from loved ones.

Having a lei to wear at graduation can make the graduate feel special and supported, and it allows the giver to show their appreciation and respect for the graduate. The lei may be made from flowers, the kukui nut, ti leaves or other materials. No matter what the lei is made from, it will make the graduate see how much they are respected by the giver. The graduate will also have something fun to wear and to show off to others. It’s also a fun way to retain a connection to the exotic plants, animals, natural scenery and people of the Hawaiian islands. Make any graduation more fun and more special with this traditional gift.

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