The luau is the ultimate celebration that brings together both ancient traditions and modern touches of comfort and fun. Coming from the ancient tradition of a grand feast, today’s luaus are often thrown for birthdays, anniversaries or simply for those gathered to have a good time together. The celebration often includes lots of food, plenty of smiling people and entertainment to keep the party going.

Taking part in a luau is a classic way to dive into Hawaiian traditions when you visit the islands. When you throw your own luau for friends and family, you can embrace some of those Hawaiian traditions by wearing the traditional lei. A lei is more than just a beautiful garland to adorn yourself with. It’s been a part of the Hawaiian luau since ancient times. The leis that are worn can be virtually any variety as long as the wearer likes them.

If you are throwing a luau, having a wide variety of luau leis available for your guests will allow them to choose their favorite. The leis can be made from kukui nuts, ti leaves, maile leaves, orchids, carnations, ginger blossoms or virtually any beautiful flower, nut or seed. If the lei makes you feel good, it’s the right one for a luau.

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