Wedding Leis

Wherever you decide to get married, you can bring Hawaiian traditions with you. A sunset ceremony on the beach on Kauai, a church in Chicago or a chapel in Las Vegas, we can ship flower leis to your wedding destination anywhere in the United States.

The lei is an important part of the traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremony; a symbol of love and respect. Like a wedding ring, the lei is an unbroken circle that signifies your enduring dedication and devotion to one another.

At the beginning of the bride and groom exchange leis. Traditionally, the bride wears the groom’s lei and the groom wears the bride’s lei, then each present their leis to each other as a symbol of their love and respect for each other. Though, many modern ceremonies opt to have a flower girl carry the leis to the bride and groom to present them to each other.

Leis For The Wedding Party

The entire wedding party and guests can wear a lei. The type of lei for each can vary depending on flower preference, wedding theme colors and budget. Here are some suggestions based on tradition and popular preference:

The groom usually wears maile leaves, either Hilo Maile or Ti Leaf Maile, sometimes with tuberose woven in if desired.

For the Bride, a Double Tuberose lei is an elegant choice, with a sweet, fragrant scent. If the Bride prefers a less fragrant, more resilient lei, the Flora and Hana are beautiful selections. In place of a veil, the bride traditionally wears a Haku lei as a head piece.

The Kahuna Pule or Officiant, in modern times, wears  Hilo Maile or Ti Leaf, symbolizing high rank and power. Traditionally, the Kahuna Pule would bind the couple’s hands together with a maile lei to symbolize the binding of their two lives.

To recognize the mothers of the bride and groom, they are presented with a lei that reflects the taste and attire of each woman. The Lahaina, Micro Ginger, Micro Ginger Wrap, Alewa, and White Butterfly are popular choices.

For fathers of the bride and groom, a handsome Cigar Lei, Kukui Mock Orange, or any of the maile leis are good options.

For groomsmen, Ti-Leaf and Ti-Leaf Maile are traditional. Tinted orchid leis come in a variety of colors for Bridesmaids leis to compliment wedding theme colors. The White Butterfly,  Waioli, Jade Kalihi, and Pawaa are favorites.

As another option, Kukui Nut Leis and Single Orchid Leis are simple, easy, popular, affordable options that bring the Aloha spirit to any gathering. Consider presenting these to all of your guests. They are available with bulk discounts.

Be sure to order Orchid Heads for the flower girl to spread across the aisle or wear in bride and bridesmaids hair.

When planning your wedding, order at least a week or two before your wedding as some of the more intricate leis have order delays. Though we can always find close alternative options for 1-3 day rush deliveries. When you order you can schedule your delivery date so your leis arrive fresh right before your wedding.

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