Carnegie Mellon University Themed Graduation

Graduation Gift Ideas for Carnegie Mellon University

Graduating from college is an exciting time for any student, and it’s even more special for those attending the esteemed Carnegie Mellon University. With that in mind, what better way to honor a recent graduate than with a thoughtful gift? Below are the best ideas for gifts to give graduates from Carnegie Mellon University.

1. A Personalized Gift: Let your favorite grad know that you are very proud them and their accomplishment by gifting them something personalized. This meaningful present will make the recipient feel extra special, whether a monogrammed bag or a framed photo of their college years.

2. An Alumni Membership: Surprise your friend with an alum membership to the Carnegie Mellon Alumni Association. This gift is a great way to stay connected with the school while giving your graduate unique membership benefits and discounts.

3. A Desk Accessory: Desk accessories can be practical and decorative, making them excellent gifts for graduates transitioning into their new office space. Consider gifting items like a leather desk pad or organizer for an extra touch of sophistication.

4. An Experience Gift: An experience gift is perfect for graduates who don’t need any more physical items in their lives! Try gifting them tickets to an upcoming concert or show or even a cooking class—these presents will create long-lasting memories they can cherish forever!

5. Something to Help Kick-Start Their Career: Graduating from college is an exciting time, and graduates will be eager to start the career journey they have been working towards for so long. Consider gifting them something that can help get their professional life off on the right track, such as a subscription to an online job search service or a resume writing package.

6. A Gift Card or Cash: If you’re still not sure what to give your favorite grad, it’s always safe to stick with a gift card or cash! This way, they can use it towards whatever they wish—textbooks for graduate school, new furniture for their apartment, or even more fun experiences!

7. A Book of Memories: Consider gifting your favorite grad something to commemorate their time at Carnegie Mellon University—a scrapbook or photo album filled with snapshots from their college years is sure to be treasured forever!

No matter what you choose to give as a gift to someone graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, make sure it’s something exceptional and meaningful. With these ideas in mind, you can rest assured that your favorite grad will feel appreciated and loved!

Good luck and congratulations!

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Carnegie Mellon University school colors are Black, Silver, and Red. Their mascot is a Scottish Terrier known as Scotty.

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