Lamar University Themed Graduation

Graduation Gift Ideas for Lamar University

Finding the perfect graduation gift for a student graduating from Lamar University can be tricky. Do you go for something practical or sentimental? Something useful for their career, or something to make them feel special on this momentous occasion? We’ve rounded up some of the best graduation gifts for students ready to take the next step in their lives and put Lamar University behind them.

For those looking to give something practical, consider a laptop computer. With Lamar University classes increasingly moving online, having access to reliable technology will be essential. A nice leather bag is also an excellent way to give your graduate a stylish upgrade as they enter the working world.

If you’d instead go the sentimental route, consider getting your graduate a framed photo of their journey through Lamar. Some graduation-themed keepsakes, like mugs or keychains, would make great additions to the gift basket. Give them something they can look at fondly and reflect on all the memories they made while studying at Lamar University.

A personalized t-shirt or hoodie is also a great way to commemorate their time at Lamar and show off their school pride. Make sure to get the colors and logo of their graduating class and any other special details that make it unique. You can find a wide assortment of these gift items in the Lamar University gift shop.

College graduates entering the workforce with hefty tuition bills and no steady income will surely appreciate a financial gift such as a check or gift card. If you want to give them something meaningful, put the check in a card with a heartfelt note about how proud you are of their accomplishments and remind them that they have your support no matter what path they choose.

A gift list is only complete with a piece of jewelry. A simple bracelet or necklace can make for the perfect graduation present—one that’s both aesthetically pleasing and full of sentimental value. Whether an engraved pendant or a custom charm bracelet, it will remind your grad’s that you’re always there to cheer on.

So if you’re looking for the ideal graduation gift for a student graduating from Lamar University, keep these ideas in mind. Whether you go for something practical or sentimental, your graduate will surely appreciate the thoughtfulness behind it!

Congratulations to all Lamar University graduates – may this next chapter bring big success!

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Lamar University school colors are Red and White. Their mascots are Big Red and Lu.

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