Minnesota State University Moorhead Themed Graduation

Graduation Gift Ideas for Minnesota State University Moorhead

Graduating from college is an exciting milestone and an excellent opportunity to celebrate the hard work students have put into achieving their degrees. In light of this significant accomplishment, it’s foremost to find thoughtful and meaningful gifts to mark the occasion. If you’re looking for the perfect graduation gift for someone graduating from Minnesota State University Moorhead, here are some ideas they’re sure to love.

1. A MnSCU Alumni License Plate Frame: This is the ideal way for your favorite alumnus to show off their school pride every time they hit the road! The license plate frames feature a black and gold design with “Minnesota State University Moorhead” printed on them. It also makes a great keepsake for the graduate to commemorate their alma mater.

2. A Subscription Box: Subscriptions are available specifically for college graduates, such as “New Graduate Life.” These boxes offer a variety of items such as notebooks, pens, mugs, and other goodies that will come in handy as they transition into their post-college life. It also makes a great way to remind them monthly how proud you are of them!

3. An MSUM-Themed Gift Basket: We all know college students love snacks! Put together a basket filled with goodies like candy bars, cookies, chips, trail mix, and more – all in school colors or featuring the school’s logo. It will surely be a hit with the new grad, and they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

4. A MnSCU Apparel and Memorabilia Gift Bundle: Let your favorite grad show off their school pride with a bundle of MnSCU apparel and memorabilia. Give them something unique that will always remind them of their alma mater, like a hoodie or t-shirt featuring the school’s logo. Other great ideas include water bottles, mugs, hats, keychains, and more! You can find a wide assortment of these gift items in the Minnesota State University Moorhead gift shop.

5. A Gift Card: A gift card is always a safe bet if you need help deciding what to get the graduate. You can find many customized options for college students, such as Amazon or iTunes gift cards. This way, your grad can purchase whatever they need – from textbooks and dorm decor to electronics and clothes.

With these great gifts in mind, you are sure to find something special for the Minnesota State University Moorhead grad in your life. Congratulations again, Minnesota State University Moorhead graduates!

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Minnesota State University Moorhead school colors are Scarlet and White. Their mascot is the Dragons.

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