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Graduation Gift Ideas for Stephens College

Stephens College

Graduating from college is a milestone moment worthy of celebration and recognition. As such, it’s only natural that friends and family members want to find the perfect grad gift for Stephens College graduates. To make your search easier, here are ten thoughtful graduation gifts for Stephens College students:

1. Travel or Admission Tickets – A gift card may seem simple and easy, so why not give the graduate an extraordinary experience? Think tickets to a show, a day of adventure at an amusement park, or even a vacation abroad!

2. A Commemorative Diploma or Picture Frame – Every graduation is worth remembering, so get them something they can always look back on fondly. Present the new grad with a picture frame featuring their college’s logo and shared memories from the years spent there.

3. A Customized Signet Ring – This timeless piece will always remind the new grad of their college days while also helping them make an impression in any business setting. Get one customized with their school’s logo or seal, and they’ll remember your thoughtfulness for years.

4. A Smartphone or Laptop – Nothing motivates productivity like an upgrade to the latest gadgets. This way, the graduate can stay connected anywhere and anytime while maintaining their reputation of being up-to-date on technology trends.

5. A Luxury Desk Set – Get them something they’ll want to show off in their office space with a luxury desk set featuring items like a pen holder, paperweight, cardholder, etc. They’ll surely appreciate your attention to detail!

6. A Subscription Box – Gift giving doesn’t get easier than this! Pick out a subscription box featuring items related to the graduate’s interests and have it delivered to their doorstep every month. This way, they can always look forward to something new!

7. A Gift Card – Whether it’s a boutique, restaurant, or record store, let the graduate make their own choices by gifting them a gift card to their favorite retailer.

8. Apparel – Stephens College apparel is always an excellent way to remind the graduate of their alma mater. Consider getting them a T-shirt or a sweatshirt featuring their college mascot or logo, and they’ll be sure to wear it with pride! You can find a wide assortment of these gift items in the Stephens College gift shop.

9. A Classy Watch – The perfect accessory to match any outfit will always be appreciated, especially as a graduation gift for Stephens College graduates. Pick out something classic yet stylish that your loved one can often wear to remind them of you throughout the years.

10. Stephens College-themed Accessories – From caps to keychains, there’s a plethora of Stephens College-themed accessories that the new grad can enjoy. These gifts are perfect for those who want to show their school pride other than wearing apparel.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of great options for graduation gifts for Stephens College graduates. Whether you opt for an experience or a tangible item, any of these suggestions will show your appreciation and put a smile on your grad’s face. Good luck with your search!

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Stephens College school colors are Maroon and Gold. Their mascot is the Stars.

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