University of Kansas Themed Graduation

Graduation Gift Ideas for University of Kansas

Graduating from college is an exciting time for students and their families. With a degree in hand, many new opportunities open up for graduates. Friends and family may want to give the graduate something meaningful and memorable as a graduation gift to commemorate this special occasion.

When choosing the perfect gift for a University of Kansas graduate, there’s no shortage of great ideas! Here are some suggestions that will show your appreciation while being an incredibly unique way to mark this momentous occasion:

1. University of Kansas Diploma Frame: This framed diploma is an elegant way to display a KU degree proudly. A diploma frame highlights the graduate’s accomplishments while adding a more personal touch to any room or office.

2. University of Kansas Alumni T-shirt: Show off KU pride with an official alum t-shirt! This classic design is perfect for any occasion, especially graduation day.

3. Gift Card to a Local Restaurant: Celebrate the big day with a delicious meal at one of Lawrence’s best restaurants! A gift card is a fantastic way to show appreciation while allowing the graduate to have fun and enjoy their special moment.

4. KU-Themed Home Decor: Help the graduate decorate their new home or apartment with some KU-themed decorations. From bedding to wall art, plenty of great options are available to help them show off their KU spirit! You can find a wide assortment of these gift items in the University of Kansas gift shop.

5. University of Kansas Blanket: What better way to stay warm than with a cozy KU blanket? Whether they’re headed off to college or just starting their career, this thoughtful gift is sure to get plenty of use (and lots of snuggles).

6. Customized Graduation Cake: A custom cake is a fun and tasty way to celebrate a special occasion. Have it decorated with the graduate’s name, degree, and graduation year for an extra-special touch!

No matter what gift you choose, your University of Kansas graduate will appreciate all the effort that went into finding something special for them on their big day. Whether it’s a meaningful memento or a fun surprise, show your love and support for their accomplishment! Congratulations, KU grads – here’s to you!

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University of Kansas school colors are Crimson and Blue. Their mascot is the Jayhawk.

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