University of Louisiana at Lafayette Themed Graduation

Graduation Gift Ideas for University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Graduating from college is a huge milestone and a time to celebrate. As your loved one celebrates graduation from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, you want to give them something unique that they will remember for years. Here are some best graduation gifts ideas for students graduating from ULL:

1. A personalized diploma frame – This is an excellent way to show your support and remind your graduate of all the hard work they put in while attending ULL. Finding diploma frames with a University of Louisiana at Lafayette logo or seal makes it even more meaningful.

2. Personalized Jewelry – Whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, watch, or ring engraved with initials or words of encouragement, this gift will constantly remind someone that someone is proud of all their accomplishments.

3. A personalized alum t-shirt – Give your graduate a way to rep their alma mater with pride by gifting them an alum t-shirt with ULL’s logo. It will make them feel like part of an exclusive group! You can find a wide assortment of these gift items in the University of Louisiana at Lafayette gift shop.

4. A gift card to a local restaurant or store – Show your graduate how much you care and give them a chance to explore the city they just graduated in by getting them a gift card they can use around town.

5. A practical gift – Graduates will appreciate a gift they can use in their post-college life. Consider getting a laptop bag, an external battery pack, or even an Amazon Echo.

No matter what you choose for your graduate, make sure it is something unique that will always remind them of their time at ULL and their accomplishments there. Congratulations to all new alums from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette!

Present your graduate with a lei in their school colors below or view our shop for fresh Hawaiian graduation leis.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette school colors are Vermilion and White. Their mascot is the Cayenne.

Red & White Graduation Leis for Sale!

  • White Triple Bom

  • alternating dark pink to purple and pure white orchids

    White & BOM Triple

  • tuberose and dendrobium orchid lei

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  • purple dendrobium orchid lei

    Tuberose Dendro

  • single tuberose lei with cheery carnations

    Tuberose Carnation