University of New Hampshire Themed Graduation

Graduation Gift Ideas for University of New Hampshire

Graduating from college is an exciting time for students, and it’s essential to recognize their hard work and dedication with the perfect graduation gift. There are plenty of fantastic gift ideas for the University of New Hampshire graduates to celebrate this momentous occasion. Here are some of the best skills that any soon-to-be grad would be sure to love:

1. A laptop or tablet – While a computer or tablet may not seem like the most creative gift, they benefit post-grad life. Whether for job hunting, video conferencing during interviews, or streaming movies and TV shows on Netflix, having access to technology in the modern world is essential. Plus, UNH graduates can take advantage of the university’s alum discounts when purchasing a laptop or tablet.

2. A subscription box – Whether a snack box or craft beer delivery service, subscription boxes are easy to keep grads feeling connected and entertained long after graduation day. There are plenty of options catering to different interests, so you can find one that fits them perfectly.

3. Gift cards – While gift cards may not seem very personal, they give your soon-to-be graduate the freedom to pick something they genuinely want or need. You can buy a gift card from their favorite stores like Amazon or Target or put money on a prepaid credit card to give them the most options.

4. an excellent dinner – Celebrate their graduation from UNH with a delicious meal. Make reservations at one of their favorite restaurants, or even order takeout for a special night. It is an excellent way to show your grad how proud you are of all they’ve accomplished during their time at the University of New Hampshire.

5. A trip – wherever life takes your grad next, send them off with an unforgettable adventure! It doesn’t have to be extravagant; plan a weekend getaway somewhere nearby or book a flight to another fun destination like Vegas or Miami. They deserve it!

6. An accessory or apparel – Show your graduate that you’re proud to see them off into the world with something they can wear. Pick up a stylish item like a watch, wallet, or piece of jewelry, or go for apparel like a UNH t-shirt or hat. You can find a wide assortment of these gift items in the University of New Hampshire gift shop.

Whatever gift you choose, graduation gifts are to encourage and celebrate. With these great options, your University of New Hampshire graduate will be sure to feel appreciated and ready to take on all the excellent opportunities that come with starting their post-grad life. Congratulations! Go Wildcats!

Present your graduate with a lei in their school colors below or view our shop for more school-themed graduation leis.

University of New Hampshire school colors are Blue and White. Their mascot are Wild E. Cat and Gnarlz.

Blue & White Graduation Leis for Sale!

  • single tuberose lei with dendrobium orchids

    Tuberose Dendro Yellow

  • tuberose and dendrobium orchid lei

    Tuberose Dendro Red

  • tuberose lei with green dendrobium orchids

    Tuberose Dendro Green

  • single stranded garland of tuberose with bright blue orchids

    Tuberose Dendro Blue

  • unscented tinted blue lei

    Triple Bom Tinted Blue

  • Blue orchid lei

    Tinted Orchid Lei Blue

  • Ti Leaf lei is twisted with yellow orchids

    Ti Leaf with Orchid Yellow