Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about placing your order, shipping or delivery? Find out when to place your lei order to have it delivered by a specific day and where your leis can be delivered. Discover the details of our 100% freshness guarantee and when you can cancel an order for a refund here in our FAQs.

Q: When should my order be placed?

To be sure that we will have your preferred leis in stock, place your order as soon as possible. This does not include the May through June graduation season.

Q: When should I have the leis delivered?
We recommend to have your leis arrive the day before your event. Delivery is anytime between 12-8 PM. We can never guarantee what time the leis will be delivered, which is why we recommend to have the leis arrive the day before they are needed.

Q: Will I receive a tracking number?
Your FedEx/UPS tracking number will be emailed to you the day your order ships out. Customers usually receive the email in the evening. Please keep in mind if your try to track too soon, the information might appear incorrect and/or not updated.

Q: How do I take care of my leis once they are delivered?
Please see this video for tips on taking care of your leis: lei care

Q: How do I confirm that my order has been placed?
You will receive an email confirmation after you order. Please look at the information in the confirmation to ensure that it is correct. We are not responsible for leis that are shipped to incorrect addresses. If your email confirmation does not arrive, please check your spam filter. If you are unable to locate your confirmation, please call us for verification.

Q: Can I place a last-minute order?

Yes. To place an order after 12:00 noon, Hawaii Standard Time, give us a toll-free call at 1-808-347-4085 or 1-808-347-6280.

Q: Do you give discounts for quantity orders?
Yes. For orders of 100 or more items, we offer quantity discounts. Please call for specific details.

Q: What happens if the lei or leis I ordered aren’t available?

If your lei(s) are not in stock, we will substitute one that is as similar as possible to the one you ordered. We will notify you in advance of the substitution. It is important to leave us a phone number where we can reach you during the day and the evening. Your substituted order will be shipped after you give your approval.

Q: Will my order be shipped as soon as I place it?
When you check out, you can choose your leis’ arrival date. Our shipment time will be set accordingly. It is recommended that you request your leis to arrive at least one day before your event.

Q: Which days can my packages arrive?
Orders are shipped out Monday through Friday. Your shipments can arrive Tuesday through Saturday. Saturday shipments are possible with a $20 fee.
* California residents: Saturday deliveries are not recommended for California addresses. Some California FedEx stations do not have the required agriculture inspectors needed to inspect and release our shipments. This will cause those orders to be delivered on Monday.

Q: When are shipments sent?
We ship every day from Monday through Friday. FedEx is unavailable in Hawaii on Saturday and Sunday.

Q: Is it required that I be at home to take the delivery?
It is important to have your order delivered to an address where someone can take the delivery. You can have your leis shipped to a family member’s home or to a work address if needed. If no one is able to take your lei delivery, leaving a cooler of ice outside your door will allow your FedEx driver to place your package inside to keep it fresh until someone is at home.

Q: Are there leis that are specifically for one gender (female or male)?
Yes, there are leis that are traditionally worn by one gender or the other. However, leis are not labeled one or the other. Leis can be worn by anyone of any gender, and they look great on both. If you have additional questions or want suggestions about your lei choice, you can read more about leis on our website, or call or email us for suggestions.

Q. Can I order from the outer islands?
Yes. We ship from Oahu and ship to the outer islands Monday through Friday. For delivery to the outer islands, the shipping rate is drastically reduced over the cost of shipping to the mainland. For pricing, please give us a call.

Q. Do you provide airport greetings with leis?
No, we do not provide this service. Most of today’s airport greetings are for tours or specific travel groups. However, we can have your lei order delivered to your hotel via local delivery (for delivery to Waikiki) or by FedEx delivery if you are on an outer island.

Q. Can you deliver leis to Honolulu?
We deliver to downtown and central Honolulu, Hawaii Kai and to Waikiki.

Q. What is your 100% freshness guarantee?
We take such care with your package that we guarantee your lei will arrive looking beautiful and fresh. We offer a 100% freshness guarantee that guarantees you a full refund if your flowers don’t arrive looking great. If there is a problem with your order, contact us immediately to allow us to remedy it.

Q. What is your cancelation policy?
To cancel your order, please place your cancellation at least four days before your shipping date in order to receive a full refund. For cancellations that are placed in less than four days before the scheduled shipment date, a partial refund will be issued. There are no refunds for cancellations placed within 48 hours of the scheduled shipping date.