Orchid Sprays

The orchid is one of the best-known of all of the flowers used for decorating in Hawaii. In the islands, you’ll find orchids decorating drinks, dressing up tables and perched in the hair of Hawaiians. With these orchid sprays, you can get some of the look of Hawaiian tables with these fresh and lovely flower sprays. These sprays are long stems of multiple orchids that are used together to create a lush, full look for your table.

These sprays are perfect for using as a centerpiece when anyone gathers together. They are indispensable at luaus, and they are perfect for adding to the special nature of a graduation dinner. For your dinner parties, they will show your guests just how much care you’ve taken to create a fun evening. Use can use these sprays along with other flowers to create a full bouquet, or you can use them on their own in a vase to show off the shapes and colors of the exotic flowers. No one will be able to take their eyes off these magnificent sprays when they decorate a table.

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