Hawaiian Chocolates

Macadamia nuts are an authentic island treat, and they are used in many Hawaiian candies to provide a delectable taste and satisfying crunch. With these candies, you can give the taste of the islands to someone special. Mele macs bring the beloved taste of chocolate, toffee and powdered sugar to the macadamia nuts. The caramel and chocolate that are wrapped around macadamia nuts make caramacs the perfect Hawaiian treat for every candy lover.

For those who want to savor the taste of the exotic macadamia nut, there are chocolate covered macadamias that use a luscious layer of milk chocolate to add sweetness to this delicious nut.

Give Hawaiian candies to a friend or family member who is missing Hawaii to bring back the taste of the islands. Give some to a host to show that you appreciate your invitation. Bring Hawaiian candies to family gatherings to give everyone something fun to taste. Order two if you think you may be tempted to taste the delicious flavors of the islands yourself!

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