Mothers Day

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They cared for us, gave us support and encouragement throughout our formative years and helped to shape us to be who we are today. It’s no wonder that Mother’s Day is one of the most observed days, with countries celebrating around the world. It’s our day to show mom that we appreciate all the sacrifices she’s made for us.

There are many ways to show mom she’s loved. Make the day about her and what she likes. It can be as simple as having a clean house and cooking her favorite meal (and clean up after cooking), or ordering in. Or maybe she prefers to be taken to brunch or shopping. Some mom’s would enjoy being pampered with a spa day, even though she says not to bother. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones she would never buy for herself.

Other ways to express your love and appreciation may be to create a card or video listing all of things you love about her or a list of things you’ve learned from her in the past, or how she’s impacted your life. Get the whole family involved. Moms love it when kids work together.

Choosing A Lei For Mom

Of course, we know how much moms love to show off gifts from their children; wearing it with pride, a fresh flower lei shows everyone how thoughtful you are to remember mom. For grandma, think about sending a lei from each grandchild.

You can even make it a tradition. A fresh flower lei and a phone call can make her look forward to her special day every year.

When choosing a lei for mom, consider a fragrant lei like our double tuberose lei. Or one with her favorite flower or color. You can use our sorting tool on the right column of this page to help you find the perfect lei.

Whatever you choose to do for mom on Mother’s Day will be appreciated. Just the fact that you thought about her and did something to make her feel special will go a long way.