University of Tennessee Themed Graduation

Graduation Gift Ideas for University of Tennessee

Graduating from college is a significant milestone in life and deserves to be celebrated! Whether looking for the perfect gift for a recent graduate of the University of Tennessee or shopping ahead for your upcoming graduation, these gifts are sure to help commemorate this remarkable moment.

For future professionals, consider sending a briefcase or laptop bag. It will make them look put together as they start their new job and serve as a vital reminder of how hard they have worked to get where they are today. An engraved pen set is another valuable and thoughtful option that will come in handy for all those years spent taking notes during lectures.

For the outdoor adventurer, plenty of options can help them make the most of their free time. A sturdy hiking backpack is essential if they plan to explore the nearby Great Smoky Mountains. A hammock is another great gift that can be taken anywhere for camping trips or just lounging in the sun.

If your graduate plans on staying close to home and doing some work around the house, you could get them some new tools like a drill, screwdriver set, or level to help make any DIY projects more accessible. You could even bundle these items with other household essentials like cleaning supplies and laundry detergent to give them a head start in their new adult lives!

Finally, from sweatshirts and t-shirts, the University of Tennessee gift shop has plenty of gear you can choose from that is always famous for graduates. You can add a personal touch by getting an item customized with their name or graduation year.

No matter what you choose, your graduate will surely appreciate the thought behind it! Celebrate this significant accomplishment with one (or multiple!) of these great gifts and show your graduate how proud you are of them. Congratulations to all graduates of the University of Tennessee!

Present your graduate with a lei in their school colors below or view our shop for more graduation leis.

University of Tennessee school colors are Orange and White. Their mascot is a dog named Smokey.

Orange & White Graduation Leis for Sale!

  • alternating dark pink to purple and pure white orchids

    White & BOM Triple

  • single tuberose lei with dendrobium orchids

    Tuberose Dendro Yellow

  • tuberose lei with green dendrobium orchids

    Tuberose Dendro Green

  • single stranded garland of tuberose with bright blue orchids

    Tuberose Dendro Blue

  • purple dendrobium orchid lei

    Tuberose Dendro

  • single tuberose lei with cheery carnations

    Tuberose Carnation

  • sweet smelling tuberose with orchid heads lei

    Triple Bom with Tuberose